Scientific Programme

9h15 – 9h30 Workshop opening 

9h30 – 10h15 Tomas Fischer, Dana Dghaym and Chenyang Zhu: Formal Model Validation through Acceptance Tests

10h15 – 11h Amani Makhlouf, Hanh Nhi Tran and Christian Percebois: Reasoning about Global Graph Properties from Local Graph Transformation Rules

11h – 11h30  Coffee Break

11h30 – 12h15 Xia Wang, Keming Wang, Cheng Peng and Liu Ning: Design and Modeling of Level Crossing Control System with Formal Methods

12h15 – 13h Alexandra Halchin, Neeraj Singh, Yamine Ait Ameur, Abderrahmane Feliachi and Julien Ordioni: Validation of Formal Models Transformation through Animation

13h – 14h15  Lunch

14h15 – 15h15 Keynote Speaker: Frederic Mallet, Logical Time Scheduling of Uncertain Task Models with SMT 

15h15 – 16h Irum Rauf and Elena Troubitsyna: A Structured Approach to Analyse Attack Surface of REST (on Youtube)

16h  Closing and Coffee Break